"Process" from hellopluto on Vimeo.

A short about what’s inside a man’s head while going thru the “process” of ideation and creation. Combining the editorial of a range of elements including RED footage, CG, Mograph, and sound design.

Ni Una Sola Palabra de Amor from Andrea Carballo on Vimeo.

MEJOR CORTO 3º Festival Sólo con Cámara de Fotos SCDFIII 2012
MIRADA DE ORO Corto ganador del 6º Festival Mirada en Cortos
PREMIO DE LA PRENSA 4º Festival Mirada Oeste
MEJOR FICCION XXVIII Concurso Nacional de Cine & Video Independiente- Cipolletti 2012
MEJOR FICCION Festival Latinoamericano de Cine de Rosario 2012
MEJOR ACTRIZ Festival Latinoamericano de Cine de Rosario 2012
MENCION MEJOR FICCION 2º FECI Festival de Cine de Ituzaingó
MENCION ESPECIAL 7º Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes Pizza Birra y Cortos
MENCION 13º Martil Film Festival- Marruecos
8º Festival Internacional de Cortos de Tapiales - Argentina
10 mejores cortos del 2011- La Nave de Los Sueños/ Biblioteca Nacional Argentina
Muestra de Cine las Varillas – Argentina
2º Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Cosquín - Argentina
7º FESAALP- Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de La Plata- Argentina
10º Festival Nacional de Cine y Video Independiente, Escobar - Argentina
1º Festival de Cine latinoamericano de Universidad Nacional de San Martín- Argentina
Festival Nacional De Cortos San Pedro - Argentina
Festival de Cortos de humor, Maipu Cortos - Argentina
2ª FLAVIA Festival Latinoamericano de Video Arte - Argentina
Salento Finibus Terrae – Filmfestival Internazionale Cortometraggio- Italia
15ª Edición del Festival de Cortometrajes de Bruselas- Belgica
12º Festival de Cine a la Calle de Barranquilla - Colombia
Festival de Cine y Vino – España
Mercado Internacional De Cine de Guadalajara - Méjico
16º Fam Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosur - Brasil
1º Argentine FIlm Festival Australia NZ- Australia
Muestra de Cine y Teatro Argentino en Argentino de Dortmund - Alemania
La Pedrera Short Film Festival - Uruguay
Tenerife Short Film Fest- España
Muestra de Cine Argentino en Porto Alegre- Brasil
María Teresa: Andrea Carballo
Dirección: El Niño Rodriguez
Producción: Rafael Di Veroli - Flavia Lopez Foco
Cámara y luces: Rafael Di Veroli - Laureano Rizzo
Montaje: Laureano Rizzo
Vestuario: Flavia Lopez Foco
Maquillaje: Joy Blanco
Peinado: Romina Sarlinga
Títulos: Rafael Di veroli
Mariano Germán Flores: Audio original y edición de audio
Gracias: Las Oreiro, Guillermo Lopez, Santi Calori, Roberto y Rosita Rizzo
Ni una sola palabra de amor, de El Niño Rodríguez (Argentina, 2011) Duración: 8 min 16 seg La cinta de un contestador telefónico extraviado nos trae la increíble historia de Enrique y María Teresa: una mujer que espera recibir el llamado de un hombre que no responde nunca. Un mensaje tras otro quedará grabado buscando que le digan, tal vez, una sola palabra de amor

Teaser Hawaii - Marco Berger from Marco Berger on Vimeo.



Hawaii is a film about a helpless man that is reunited with a childhood friend who helps him, thus creating a bond that goes beyond friendship.

a strange relationship starts to grow
Martin seeks for an odd job at Eugenio’s house. When Eugenio recognizes Martin as a childhood friend, and realizes his current situation, he decides to give him work for the summer. Unintentionally, a power & desire game is generated and a strange relationship starts to grow, but it cannot flourish mostly because of the social differences that grew between them since childhood. This kind of barrier typical in Jane Austen’s novels is resignified in a contemporary story of social classes.

Eugenio recognizes Martin as a childhood friend, and realizes his current situation
The film is about solidarity but also about the power game that is generated when one person is relying on another. The idea is to explore power, helplessness, social boundries, brotherhood, desire and love.

Similar to Plan B, Hawaii is a small & simple story, easy to shoot independently. All the film takes place in summer, in a countryside house, and only two characters carry the story forward. Working with a small team, the film can be shot with $40,000. While reaching the goal would allow us to shoot the film, it would be great if the goal is excedeed and we can make things more comfortably. Maybe even recording the music in an actual professional studio! ;)

The idea is to explore power, helplessness, social boundries, brotherhood, desire and love
Why Kickstarter?

The project is created by a partnership between Marco Berger (director / screenwriter of Plan B & Absent) and Pedro Irusta, musician and composer of both films. We are asking support through Kickstarter not only to film Hawaii, but also to be able to produce - for the first time- an independent film that we can own and that may allow us to create a platform to continue producing films in the future.

We are getting a hard time getting funds in the traditional way, even though Plan B & Absent got a very good response worldwide. So when we heard about the new possibilites of crowd funding, we thought it was a good moment to explore these new online social networks. We love the idea that if many people contributes with a small amount the film can be made.

About the actors

Manuel Vignau & Mateo Chiriano are excellent actors with a great future potential. Manuel Vignau starred in Plan B and had a very good response with audience and film critics. Mateo Chiarino is an uruguayan actor who is a raw diamond to be discovered.

About the director

Marco Berger was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. Studied at the University of cinema. His short film The Watch (2008) competed in Cannes and Sundance. His first feature film Plan B (2009) premiered in the official competition of the Rome Film Festival and participated in many other prestigious festivals. Absent (2011), his second feature film, premieres at the Berlinale where it won the Teddy Award.
Both films are released commercially in France, Germany, England and America. Other highlights include: The short film A last will (2007), the short Platero, episode 2 of the film Five (2010) and the three short films Cousin, Broken arms and Training; Sexual Tension feature film, Volume 1: Volatile (2012).
Hawaii is his first project as a producer.

Help us make this movie possible

We hope that if you liked Plan B and Absent, you can bet on this new story and support us, even with a small amount. If not, just help us by spreading the word on the project to potential contributors. Many heartfelt thanks!

Malaise from Christian Schmeer on Vimeo.

Project page: christianschmeer.com/Malaise-2013

Synopsis: Malaise is a photographic series and multimedia essay exploring Beelitz-Heilstätten. Built from 1898 as a sanatorium to care for victims of tuberculosis its intended use soon became distorted, serving as a German military hospital during World War 1 and 2, and Soviet military hospital after World War 2. Prominent historical figures recuperated in the hospital, notably; Adolf Hitler, after being wounded at the Battle of Somme during WW1, as well as Erich Honecker following his dismissal as the head of the East German government. In 1989, the grounds became the scene of 6 murders as necrophilic serial killer Wolfgang Schmidt, also known as “The Beast of Beelitz”, terrorised the area. Once considered amongst the most advanced hospitals in Europe, Beelitz-Heilstätten has been abandoned and left to dilapidate due to discrepancies over ownership.

Counting over 60 buildings spread over 200 acres, linked via underground tunnels, Malaise delves into a small fraction of the “healing town”, but attempts to convey its unsettling atmosphere through a distinct, yet delicate treatment of colours and tones. The photographic series acts in coalescence with the In-Motion Essay. The film was shot alongside the photographs and amalgamates subtle camera movements with a selection of still images.

Project funded by IdeasTap.

In-Motion Essay created as part of IdeasTap Photographic Award competition 2013 in association with Magnum Photos.

Apodemy from Katerina Athanasopoulou on Vimeo.

Plato likens the human soul with a cage, where knowledge is birds flying. We’re born with the cage empty and, as we grow, we collect birds and they go in the cage for future use. When we need to access knowledge we put our hand in the cage, hunt for a bird – and sometimes catch the wrong one.

Ornithology uses the term “Zugunruhe” to describe the turbulent behavior of birds before they migrate, whether free or caged.

These two images, birds inhabiting the human soul and the distress of the migrating bird became the starting points for this film, commissioned on the theme of Emigration.

A flock of birds circles around and moves a cage vehicle, seeking escape from a city half finished and abandoned, with roads interrupted by fragments of fallen statues. Those hands are simultaneously the pursuit of knowledge and also the heroes/leaders of the past that we have rejected but are still haunting us.

In a time when Europe seems to be imploding, this is my portrait of Athens.


MAshRome Film Fest, Rome, May 2013

60th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Serbia, April 2013

Skepto International Film Festival, Sardinia, April 2013

Holland Animation Festival, Utrecht, March 2013

Flatpack Festival, Birmingham Museum & Gallery, UK, March 2013

Visual Dialogues (Installation), Plato’s Academy Park, December 2012 - February 2013